Jeanne Amano

Jeanne Amano has over 30 years of IT experience and has led Zaszou’s multidisciplinary team of IT consultants since its inception in 2000. Her team has delivered a wide range of business and IT solutions to create competitive advantages for clients. Zaszou clients include major motion picture and television studios, hospitals, Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. Jeanne’s vision for Zaszou is to attract the best and the brightest consultants to create high-performing teams that deliver just the right solution for each client.

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson is an expert in systems implementation and delivery with over twenty years of successful experience. Before joining Zaszou, LLC, Jennifer was the Vice President of Global Client Services for Counterpoint Systems and Executive in Charge of the US office. She created consistency across product lines and fostered unity across the global client services teams in London and Los Angeles, establishing standard methods, processes and procedures to ensure efficient, high quality, and consistent delivery across the client base.